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Welcome to Ch. Ishwar Singh Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Fatehpur-Pundri (Haryana)                                                                                                                   NAAC ACCREDITED GRADE ‘A’


1.             The prospectus is not a legal document. It is merely to provide general information and guidelines.

2.             Guardians are requested to read the prospectus and rules carefully so that they can guide their wards properly.

3.             The admission and fee related rules can be changed by the Government/ University/College, if need arises. All such changes shall be applicable on all the students.

4.             The Principal of the college can cancel any admission in the interest of the institution without citing any reason for this.

5.             All the amendment /changes undertaken by the Government/University shall be acceptable.

6.             Ragging, legally, is an offence. Strict action shall be taken against the students who are found involved in any ragging related activity.

7.             Use of mobile phones within the college campus is strictly prohibited. A fine of Rs. 1000/- would be imposed on the students found with mobile phone.

8.             Every student must wear the identity card issued by the college throughout her stay in the college.

9.             As per order of the Deputy Commissioner, Kaithal, it is necessary for every student to get her voter's card prepared. The students of 18 years of age or above at the time of admission and do not have their voters' card, they have to collect and fill the Form No. 6 and submit it to the college election cell incharge along with two passport size photographs, Birth Certificate (copy), Photocopy of Ration Card and Identity Proof/Voter Card of any member of their family.

10.           The students seeking admission in BA/B.Com/B.Sc/BCA Ist year (Ist Semester) on the basis of having compartment in one subject of 10+2 examination must clear their compartment subject before the commencement of examination of Ist semester in one chance and submit their new DMC upto December 2016 in college office.

11.          Migration Certificate is required for all the boards except Haryana Board.

12.          Visitors would not reach the class room directly to see their wards. But they should come to the Principal office first from there, their wards would be called to meet them.

13.           Orientation Programme is compulsory for all the new entrants on July 18th and 19th, 2016

14.          Students are advised to communicate in Hindi only and not in their local dialect.

15.           Any change of mobile number of their parents or family is to be informed to the office immediately.

17.          For more information log on to our college website : www.ciskmv.com

Miscellaneous Rules & Regulations

(i)             Leave Rules

1)             Student must submit the application herself before proceeding on leave, and not after absenting herself from the college. However, sick leave may be submitted on the date when the student resumes the college after recovery from the illness.

2)             Sick leave for more than four days must be accompanied by medical certificate of a qualified medical practitioner. If the applicant happens to be out of station, she should arrange to send application to the Principal within four days of availing such leave.

(ii)           Discontinuation of Studies

Any student who wants her name to strike off from the college rolls must submit an application to this effect duly signed by her parents/guardian. Before discontinuing her studies in the college, she must ensure that she has paid all the college dues and returned all the books borrowed by her from the college library. If a student does not follow this procedure, she will continue to be considered on college rolls and therefore, liable to absentee fine. In case of discontinuation of studies at any stage, fee/dues once paid(except security) will not be refunded.

(iii)          Library Rules

1.             The college library will remain open during the college working hours.

2.             Every student is required to obtain a library Identity Card from the library and to keep it with her throughout her stay in the college and must produce it on demand.

3.             Only two books at a time will be issued to BA., B.Com. & three books to BCA students against the I.Card. These books can be kept by the student only for two weeks. In case of delay in returning the borrowed books, a fine at the rate of Re. 5/- for the first week, Rs. 10/- for the second week and thereafter Rs. 15/- per week will be charged. In addition to two books, one general book may also be issued to student but it has to be returned within seven days.

4.             If necessity arises, the librarian may ask the student to return the borrowed book(s) even before the due date.

5.             Reference books, Newspapers, Magazines and Periodicals will not be issued to the students. These can be consulted only within the library itself. On demand may be issued over night.

6.             Books borrowed from the library must be kept with great care. Students are advised not to underline or disfigure them. If the book is already damaged in any form, it should be brought to the notice of the librarian before getting it issued otherwise the student herself will be held responsible for the damage. 

7.             Care has to be taken to keep the Identity Card safe. It should not be lost or misplaced. This Identity Card is absolutely personal and is not transferable. However, if it is lost the Principal and the librarian must be informed immediately. A duplicate Identity Card can be got issued from the library at normal price with an extra cost of Rs. 50/-.

(iv)          General Rules

1.             Each and every student of the college is advised not to indulge in any such act inside or outside the college vicinity which may put a blot or bring bad name to the student and the college.

2.            Students are advised to maintain a congenial and healthy atmosphere conductive to creative work.

3.             Simplicity in dress and grooming is strictly enforced.

4.             Disrespect or disobedience towards the Principal or the member of the staff may lead to strict disciplinary action against the erring student.

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5.             Talking or shouting in the verandahs or crowding outside a class room when a teacher is still teaching, or any other such disorderly conduct is strongly prohibited.

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6.             The students should keep the college premises neat and clean use dustbin for trash.

7.             All the students shall attend daily prayer assembly. Students intentionally avoiding the same will be dealt strictly. Presence in Havan Yajna or any special assembly is also obligatory.

8.             No meeting or function shall be held in the college premises without the written permission of the Principal.

9.             Damage to the college property or disfiguring of college walls, furniture, floor etc. will constitute sufficient ground for immediate dismissal of the student from the college or strict disciplinary action against her.

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10.          Plucking flowers or uprooting or harming plants is strictly prohibited.

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11.          The front lawn must not be used for sitting purpose.

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12.          Students are required to park their cycles, scooters mopeds etc. in the stand provided for the purpose and are advised to duly lock their vehicles.

13.          Students must not bring any costly articles or jewellery to the college. The college authorities will not be responsible for the loss of the same.

14.          The Principal reserves the right to dismiss any student whose conduct is harmful to other fellow students.

15.          Entry in the college and boarding the van will be permitted only through an Identity Card. RED ID-CARD is meant for the van students and BLUE ID-CARD for other students.

16.          Sitting in vans in free time is strictly prohibited.

17.          In all other matters not covered hitherto, the decision of the Principal shall be binding and final.


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