Ch.Ishwar Singh Kanya Mahavidyalaya
District: Kaithal, Haryana
Welcome to Ch. Ishwar Singh Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Fatehpur-Pundri (Haryana)                                                                                                                   NAAC ACCREDITED GRADE ‘A’

Activities of The College

 Prayer Assembly

Prayer assembly in the college is a regular feature in which participation of both the staff and students is compulsory. It is aimed at inculcating qualities like shradha, humanity & humility and faith which help pave the way for the development of spiritual dimension of the personality of all concerned.

 Literary and Cultural Activities

Our students excel not only in the field of studies but also in the realm of literary and cultural activities. In various competitions they bring a good number of recommendations besides winning trophies at Zonal, Inter Zonal and State Level. In order to bring out the latent talent of our student and pave the way for such laudable achievements, initial opportunities are provided through the college platform and periodically holding functions and contests. Here is a glimpse of the various programmes, contests etc. that we organize in the college.

 Literary Contests :   Debate, Declamation, Quiz, Essay-writing, Story-writing, Poetry writing and recitation, Power -point presentation

Music Contests :     Vocal as well as instrumental music contests and dance competitions.

Other Competitions : Painting, Rangoli, Pot-Decoration, Poster-making, Slogan writing, Flower decoration, Cookery competitions,  Mehandi, Embroidery etc.

National Service Scheme

The foremost aim of NSS is to orient the student youth to community service. In our college, one unit is running with overwhelming success. All the volunteers participate enthusiastically in regular NSS activities and special camping programmes. Under regular NSS activities, volunteers undertake various projects in the village, slums as well as college campus itself during week-ends or after college hours. They are involved in such projects for the benefit of the institutions and the community. Students get a chance to come across eminent personalities from the field of social service. Under special camping programme, seven days’ camp is organized during vacations with some specific projects on various developmental issues varying from local to national importance.


In the field of sports, efforts have been made to provide athletes and players with a standard infrastructure, equipment and excellent coaching facilities. The college has a vast playground. We encourage our students to take keen interest in various outdoor games like Hockey, Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Cricket and indoor games like Badminton, Tennis, Athletes, Yoga, Judo etc. Various competitions are held at the college so as to prepare our athletes and players for high level performances. Various teams of our college have given sterling performance and won so many prizes and trophies at Inter College, Intervarsity, State Level and National Level. Facility of mini gymnasium is also available in the college where students as well as the staff take exercises so as to keep themselves fit and enjoy perfect physical and mental health. Staff also play indoor and Outdoor games occasionally.

 Women Cell

The college has an active women cell centrally controlled by the Women Study Research Centre, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra. The cell has launched programmes such as childcare, eradication of superstition, woman empowerment and is educating the students against social evils like female foeticide, dowry system. It focuses attention on the important issues concerning women

 Legal Cell and Election Cell

Legal Cell and Election Cell have been established in the college to make the students aware of their rights and various laws.

 Career Counselling Cell

There is a career counselling cell in the college. It helps the students in choosing right career for them. It also motivates them to adopt self-employment. The college library also subscribes to a fortnightly bulletin Vocational Guide issued by Kurukshetra University Employment Information and Guidance Bureau to disseminate information on current opportunities for employment, educational and vocational trainings, scholarships and fellowships available to students.

 Remedial Cell

The college is having remedial cell under UGC scheme at UG & PG level for SC/ST & Minority Community to improve their over all academic skills & knowledge.

 Grievances & Counselling Cell

There is a grievances & Counselling cell which caters the needs of the student free of cost for listening to their grievances and suggesting solutions to their problems.

 Youth and Red Cross Cell

The main objective of this cell is to provide First Aid and Road Safety Training to the students.

 College Magazine

Its objective is to promote the art of writing among the students so as to bring out their talent as well. The college magazine comprising of English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Commerce & Science section is published regularly. Apart from providing a panoramic view of the day to day college activities, it is serving as an important instrument in the path of intellectual growth of the students under the dynamic guidance of their teachers.

 Tutorial Groups

For the welfare of the students of the colleges, they are placed under various tutorial groups. Each group 7 is headed by a teacher-in-charge, who keeps a track of each student’s progress report as well as her physical, moral, intellectual and psychological growth by way of personal contact. A student once having been placed in the particular tutorial group continues to be in the same group throughout her stay in the college.



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